Digital Postman

Deliver your digital ads to your voters, just like mail.

Using the same universe of voters who receive your door knocks, calls and mail, we’ll match the last names and home addresses to find the digital devices used by your voters — laptops, phones and tablets. Once we’ve matched to your voters, we’ll place digital ads on their devices that follow them to work, to the beach or wherever they go during your campaign.


Other Services

Captive Audience

Select locations where your voters or constituents gather, places like: local public schools, college campuses, churches, protests/marches, football stadiums. We can serve ads during an event or collect IP addresses from those attending and then serve your ads at a later time when the ad has the most impact.


Identify your website visitors and put your message in front of them when it matters most — during a campaign or when you are pushing an important policy.

Email Targeting

Insert a 1×1 pixel into the signature of every email you send. When an email is opened, the pixel retrieves the reader’s IP address and adds it into an advertising segment. We’ll put your message in front of those who opened your email.

New Movers

Want to send a message to everyone who moves into your district? We can advertise to people who have recently moved into their new homes in your district using zip codes or city. Mover data is updated twice a day.

Reverse Append

Instead of providing a home address and matching to an IP address, we can do the opposite. Capture the IP addresses of website visitors and then match to their home addresses for direct mail.

Local TV, Radio or News

If there’s a trusted brand in your district, whether it’s the local newspaper or a popular radio station, we can put your message on the news outlet’s branded website.

Show your ads in the most popular sizes

All of your campaigns will be served in the most popular ad sizes, including mobile-friendly sizes.

  • 300×250
  • 728×90
  • 320×50
  • 160×600
  • 300×50
  • 300×600

Let’s Get Started

Southern Majority will develop a digital strategy with your team and design, publish and manage your digital creatives for a budget that is right-sized for you.