Campaign Services

America’s most regressive policies – including voter suppression, right-to-work and women’s health restrictions — are often born in the South before spreading coast-to-coast and infecting the nation like a virus.

The path to a more progressive nation runs through the heart of the South.

Any Southern farmer who owns a plot of red clay knows you can’t work the old, dense soil without the right tools, grit and a plan that includes hard work.

Southern Majority is here to help progressive candidates, elected officials and grassroots organizations thrive here at home, without parachuting into the region just for your campaign.

Based in Georgia with deep roots in North Carolina and Alabama, Southern Majority knows how to win tough races in unlikely places.

For our experienced team, winning isn’t simply aspirational. On issues and in elections, we have a proven track record of engineering victories at the state and local level.

How do we do it?

▶ We start with great candidates, and then we provide integrated, state-of-the-art message development and communications that connect with, persuade and motivate voters.

▶ We embrace innovation, because we can’t afford to keep running the same “good” — but losing — campaigns.

▶ We recognize that in many campaigns, there are too many advisors and too few doers. Bringing Southern Majority to the table means our team, including the principals of our firm, will roll up our sleeves and partner with the candidate to do the tough, day-to-day work that makes winning possible.

▶ We are nimble, flexible and recognize that every campaign is different. Effective, targeted communication is the core of any winning campaign. At Southern Majority, we believe that decisions about how to invest the campaign’s communication dollars should only be driven by what is likely to be most effective, and that communications plans should provide structure but be flexible enough to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and changing conditions on the ground.

▶ We win. Southern Majority clients have flipped red seats to blue, unseated GOP elected officials and won longshot victories.

This is why, within one company, we offer a broad range of service options that can be right-sized for your campaign, including:

  • General Consultancy & Strategy
  • Voter-matched Digital Advertising
  • Polling Design
  • Audience Research & Targeting
  • Crisis Communications
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Staffing
  • Donor Development
  • Fundraising/Finance
  • Ethics Compliance
  • Micro-Targeted Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Pre-roll
  • Online Fundraising
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Direct Mail
  • Email content
  • Social Media content
  • List-Building
  • Live ID, Persuasion, GOTV Calls
  • IVR Calls
  • Earned media
  • Radio and Television Advertising
  • Field/Canvassing

Contact Southern Majority to discuss how we can build a winning plan for your campaign. If it’s your first time running for office, we can work to build a professional, winning campaign that you will be proud of. If you already have a trusted team, we can join to fill the gaps.